We have experience in the compilation of both regional and domestic real estate portfolios for real estate funds, privateers and top managers. You want to invest in real estate assets and develop it? That's our job.

We develop your search profile according to your investment requirements. Properties that match your search criteria are analyzed by us to make sure they meet your needs. We pay attention to the regional location, its potential, current state, eventual conversion rates, view floor plans, questioning the price for rent and its sustainability, and everything else necessary for a solid investment option. This way we ensure the quality level of a real estate portfolio which is tailored to you and your requirements.

We only mention buy recommendations if we can identify ourselves with the objects in the portfolio. In our work, we place great emphasis on objectivity and independence.

We develop complete solutions for infrastructure with craftsmen, property managers, caretakers and possibly project's properties merchants until they work independently. We offer our "interim management" solutions in addition to the real estate brokerage.

In addition, we arrange transfers and permanent property management solutions through reliable independent provider.

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