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Everything about financing.

Financing real estate: How to make the loan work.

Financing is the first step before buying a property. This is where the really important questions are decided.

Before the purchase of a property stands the financing. Because this is where the really important questions are decided: What can I afford? Will the bank play along? What conditions can I expect? Does it make a difference whether I use the property myself or rent it out? And even if you have already bought, the issue remains a perennial one. Because rescheduling, changing banks and follow-up financing can raise plenty of questions.

Financing? You need to know!

  • Everything über equity, interest, repayment and creditworthiness.
  • What price will my bank finance?
  • Rescheduling, follow-up financing and change of bank.
  • Investment versus owner-occupied property.
  • Fördertöpfe, Zuschüsse, günstige Darlehen. 

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